WALLED LAKE, Michigan (WDIV) -- Colby Sears is well aware he a made a really bad decision.

Sears brought a bottle of vodka to Walled Lake Central High School. The 16-year-old didn't drink any of it but passed it off to two friends who did. Those two got really drunk on high school property. Sears' mother, Teri, was ready to wring her son's neck.

"This was really dumb. We've talked about not drinking. We've talked about not doing these things and, you know, he brought something to school that was absolutely wrong," the mother said.

Sears' parents grounded him from everything and he knew the school was going to land on all three of the boys. The school ultimately decided to suspend the two drinkers for five days each. Sears received a harsher 90-day suspension. That's what has his parents really puzzled.

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