PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - It's a case that gained national, even international attention.

Today the judge called the Mark Strong prostitution case extraordinary for the people involved and for the state of Maine. She then ordered Strong to serve 20-days behind bars in the county Jail for his role in the Zumba prostitution scandal.

Today for the first time, at least in public, Mark Strong apologized and took responsibility for what he has done.

"I will no longer justify my actions or justify the things that I have done and I humbly and without regret accept all responsibility for those actions. I will spend the rest of my days healing the hurt that I have caused others", Strong told the judge.

Strong's attorney Dan Lilley tried to set the tone for the hearing by quoting Winston Churchill saying "Never has so much been made of so little," in reference to the fact that Strong was convicted of misdemeanors. He asked the judge to sentence Strong for time served, that being the humiliation he and his family has experienced.

The prosecutor on the other hand was looking for much more. She called Strong a hard nosed businessman who urged alleged prostitute Alexis Wright to take on more customers as if he were a salesman trying trying to sell more cars. She called on the judge to sentence strong to 364-days behind bars.

The judge said sentencing Strong to a long time in a jail would not be appropriate. She ordered him to serve 20-days in the York County Jail and pay a $3000 fine.

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