DECATUR, Texas (NBC NEWS)-- The investigation into who shot Tom Clements, the head of the Colorado Department of Corrections, has taken an unexpected turn to Texas as authorities look into whether Clements' death could be related
to a traffic stop and shooting there.

Texas officials say their suspect sped away from a traffic stop after shooting a deputy multiple times.

Officers caught up to the car, with the driver still firing until the vehicle slammed into an 18 wheeler.

Even then the driver exited the car, gun blazing.

"He didn't want to be taken alive. It was obvious that he was trying to hurt someone or the police," said Decatur Police Chief Rex Hoskins.

Police fired back.

The suspect is considered brain dead, on life support for possible organ donation.

His car fit the description of one seen near Clements' home in Colorado on the night of the shooting.

Investigators from Colorado are headed to Texas to see if there is a link to Clements, as well as to the murder of Nathan Leon, a pizza delivery driver found shot to death just days before the director of department of corrections was killed.

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