(NBC NEWS) -- Investigators are looking for links between the driver killed after a 100-per-hour chase and shootout in Texas and with two Colorado murders, including the shooting of the state's Director of the Department of Corrections.

The man police are investigating is identified as Colorado parolee Evan Spencer Ebel.

On Thursday Ebel was pulled over in Decatur, Texas for a traffic violation.

He shot a deputy three times and sped away.

His vehicle eventually crashed into an 18-wheeler.

"There's about seven cop cars, surrounding this guy, and it just unleashed. It sounded like 20 or 30 shots, probably," said witness Chase Bowman.

The suspect later died from a gunshot wound to the forehead.

Investigators are trying to link him with the death of Colorado Department of Corrections Director Tom Clements, who was shot and killed Tuesday at his home.

Police say they are also looking into possible connections with the shooting death of a 27-year old pizza delivery driver who was killed while on the job Sunday.

Investigators are examining DNA, conducting ballistic tests and combing through other evidence including the vehicle Ebel was driving.

"The only thing we have that connects it to Colorado is the obviously the identity of Mr. Ebel being in Colorado and the car with licenses from Colorado," said Wise County, Texas Sheriff David Walker.

Ebel was known as a white supremacist and had a long list of convictions, including an assault on a prison guard.

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