This week on Bill Green's Maine we'll snowmobile from the forks to Greenville and take in incredible sights along the way. We'll talk with NEWS CENTER'S own Bruce Glaiser about a lifetime in sports. And we'll visit the Bangor Auditorium, the Grand Olde Dame of Maine high school basketball.

This week's blog from Bill Green:

Show: 2012-5

Original air date: March 17, 2012

This day means a great deal to me. It marks my 40th anniversary in TV. I celebrated by working at home on Friday afternoon. My kitchen is a great place to right on cold rainy or snowy days. The stove is roaring and it's quite pleasant.


The first story this week takes us up Moxie Mountain and to B-52 crash on Elephant Mountain by snowmobile. Winter is hanging in in western and northern Maine and I wanted to get one last snowmobile trip in. We started at the lovely Inn by the River in The Forks and drove over to Greenville with guide Tony Rinaldi. It was a fun trip with all the bad parts edited out!

The next two parts are about Bruce Glasier, with whom I've worked for 31 years. Bruce has announced his retirement for some time in April, the 21st, I believe. Bruce and I were a team for 12 years, from 1981-1993. We did a lot of stuff, spring training trips, Video Sports and Sports Overtime and lots of speaking around the state. Some of the promos we did together are on facebook. I had a lot of fun with Bruce and his absence will affect the stations greatly.

The final story tonight is on the Bangor Auditorium. The great old basketball and concert hall in Bangor is coming down in the summer of 2013. I take a look back at this unique building through the camera of photographer Josh Bradford. It was a fun show to do.

One note. We shot Monday's Green Outdoors in high-definition, so a new era begins.

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