PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A family is celebrating their late daughter's memory, and also pushing for changes to gun laws.

The third annual walk for Darien Richardson was held Saturday. Dozens of people gathered at Portland's Back Cove trail wearing purple, Darien's favorite color.

Richardson was shot in her sleep by a masked intruder in January of 2010. She survived the shooting, but died three weeks later from a blood clot that formed in her leg because of a gunshot wound. The homicide remains unsolved.

The Richardsons recently traveled to Washington to meet with lawmakers and advocate for background checks on private sales of guns.

"In our case we found out that's where the trail stops" Darien's mother, Judi Richardson said about her daughter's case.

The gun used in Darien's shooting was used in another homicide in Portland shortly after Darien's death. The man convicted for that murder would not say where he got the gun. It was traced to a private sale at a gun show. Darien's father Wayne Richardson wants to help put an end to the gun violence happening across the country.

"I mean it's senseless crimes, and you feel terrible about it and you hate seeing it," Richardson said."It's just not right."

The money raised from the walk will go to the Remembering Darien Foundation, which supports victims of violence as they recover from their injuries.

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