DETROIT, Michigan (WDIV) -- It can be a challenge to find time to simply grocery shop. But for families with a special needs child or adult they have a challenge of their own and it's one you wouldn't even think about.

Moms are masters of multitasking, but when you are the mother of a special needs child even the simplest tasks become complex.

For Heather Piszar, grocery shopping with her daughter Sarah is a challenge.

"It was fine when she fit in a typical cart seat but as soon as they outgrow there is nothing for them. If you can come to the store when it's empty it's a little easier, but it gets really heavy; the pushing part, the pulling part," the mom said. "Just trying to juggle everything and not crash into walls or signage and not crashing into other customers."

Justin Hiller, vice president of Hiller's Markets, discovered Caroline's Cart, a grocery cart designed to allow people with special needs to be part of the shopping experience.

He ordered one for all seven of their locations in Michigan.

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