PACIFIC, Washington (KING) -- Pacific, Washington mayor Cy Sun called 911 last week, asking the King County Sheriff's Office for a police escort to protect him as he delivered letters of suspension to the city's police chief and lieutenant.

A concerned citizen played the audio of the 911 call during Monday night's city council meeting, saying it reveals the mayor's true intentions: to fire both staffers.

The mayor can be heard introducing himself as the mayor of Pacific to the 911 dispatcher.

"I'm going to need some help and I'm not good at this," Sun says during the call. "I'm the mayor of Pacific."

"I need an officer for a workplace violence standby in case they want to shoot me or something, I don't know," Sun tells the dispatcher. "I need an officer from King county, from King county, to come down to escort me to deliver discharge other words, I'm going to fire the chief of police and the lieutenant!"

The suspension leaves the city of Pacific with only six officers.

A spokesperson for the King County Sheriff's Office says it declined the mayor's request.

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