SABATTUS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The subject of gun ownership was once again on the agenda at a select board meeting Tuesday.

Last month, resident David Masters proposed an ordinance that would require every head of household to own a gun. Tuesday night he proposed a new version that would have only encouraged a firearm in every home. It would not have made it mandatory. It also would have prevented the town from restricting residents from owning guns.

The measure did not pass. It died after the select board failed to make a motion to vote on it.

"I feel by bringing this up it's only going to encourage more people to try to take away those rights from us," Selectman Don Fournier said during the meeting. "Right now we have the right, let's keep that right and not go any further with it than that."

There are still residents who are passionate about the issue, and want to put it to a popular vote.

"We should as a town stand fast and say that we do support the unfettered second amendment to the constitution," resident Deo Lauria said. "And it is under fire."

Supporters of the ordinance plan to gather signatures to put it to a town-wide vote. A petition would need about 200 signatures by April 26th to put it on the warrant for the town meeting in June. They could also collect the signatures to put the measure on the ballot in November.

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