BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Staff in theBrewer School System are on edge after it was announced Monday night that there could be more than two dozen layoffs made to balance the budget there.

It takes around $20 million a year to keep both the Brewer Community School and Brewer High School open. The outlook isn't looking good for next year though, with what is expected to be a $1.55 million budget shortfall due to proposed state funding cuts. According toSuperintendent of Brewer Schools, Dr. Daniel Lee, the only way to make up for thatloss in funds is through layoffs.

"Schools are people driven, so when you have to reduce the cost of operation the only place you really can go is to people," said Dr. Lee.

Around 30 layoffs are expected. Those jobs will range from Administrators and Teachers to Custodians and Technicians. They will be eliminated based on seniority. Jobs that English Teacher, Lucy Girodet, says Brewer can't afford to lose.

"That level of cuts will be devastating for our school department, for our students, for our staff, for everybody," said Girodet.

Pink slips will be sent to laid off workers by May 1st. The hope is thatlay offswill be avoided through a balanced state budget that would include an increase in revenue for public schools. Legislatures have until June 30th to do that.

If Legislatures reject the cuts proposed in the Governor's budget, the layoffs may be rescinded.

A school board meeting will be held at the Brewer Community School on April 8th at 6PM to discuss the budget and possible layoffs.

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