(NEWS CENTER) -- The LePage administration and the Department of Marine Resources are at odds with leaders of Maine's Passamaquoddy tribe over a tiny eel fish called an elver.

Demand from Japan and limited markets in other countries has caused the price for a pound of elvers to skyrocket to as much as $2,500 a pound. That's why the tribe has issued more than twice the number of elver fishing licenses than the State has allowed; and why the State is trying to crack down on the number of fishermen allowed to cast nets in the St. Croix river.

Governor LePage called the tribal chief this week to tell him to reign in the number of fishermen or face sanctions.

We talk with our political analysts Phil Harriman and Ethan Strimling about the politics behind this issue, as well as other contentious ones going on at the State House, including the Minimum Wage and Right To Work.

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