BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- After more than seven hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict in the crowbar murder trial. Peter Robinson was found guilty of manslaughter. The family members of David Trask could not hold back their tears as the jury read their verdict.

David Trask's son, David Trask, Jr, said, "We are not happy with the verdict. We will have to live with it. As far as I'm concerned Peter Robinson got away with murder."

Peter Robinson showed no emotion as the verdict was read, but his wife Cheryl broke down in the courtroom. Both the defense and prosecution agreed the jurors reviewed the evidence carefully before coming to a decision.

During theseven hours of deliberation, the jury requested to hear the 911 call made by Robinson on the night he killed Trask along with the video that was played last week. Throughout the case the defense painted a picture that the Trask family was bullying Robinson and the night of David Trask's murder he was only acting in self defense.

Trask, Jr said, "Our whole family was put on trial here. As they call us a 'band of bullies' and most people know and we know a lot of people in Penobscot County and in other places and they certainly know the truth. My poor old father we buried him in a closed casket about a year and four months ago and there was close to 700 people at his funeral. Bullies don't have 700 friends and family you know? As you well know."

The two parties had a long history of land disputes leading up to the night in question.

"The 52 acres of land in question on the Bear Road that Peter Robinson was so upset about that my father purchased, if I had it in my power I would give him the land back if I could have my father back," said Trask.

The state fought to disprove this claim with forensic evidence it hoped would show the jury Trask was no threat to Robinson when he hit him with the fatal blows.

The Trask family says although they wanted a murder conviction what they really want is their loved one back.

David Trask's daughter Deanna Trask said, "My father was a wonderful man and nobody deserves what he got. I'm glad Robinson is in jail. It's a good place for him and that's where he needs to stay. "

Robinson will be held without bail until his sentencing hearing which will occur sometime next month.

A manslaughter charge carries up to a 30 year sentence.

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