Showhegan, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Gil Gilpatrick has been an outdoor enthusiast for 65 years and a Master Maine Guide for 35. He has led thousands of people on canoeing trips, many down Maine's famed Allagash Wilderness Waterway. His Maine Guide Handbook, "Outdoor Adventure Trips" offers expert advice on how to lead an outdoor adventure that involves canoeing, camping, hunting and many other outdoor activities.

"The checklist took 35 years to do," mused the veteran guide. "I remember once I broke my own rule by checking something off before I put it in my pack. I ended up bumming some maple syrup at Churchill Dam."

The bookgives step-by-step kinstructionon every stage of planning and conducting a successful outdoor adventure.

Gilpatrick is now a retired guide and author of seven books. He is a respected member of the Maine Wilderness Guides Association. For many years, he conducted guide testing for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

A number of well known Maine guides contributed to the book including former game warden Carter Smith, guide Dick Mosher and guide team Kevin Slater and Polly Mahoney.

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