BELFAST, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- While some cities struggle with employment, Belfast and the rest of the midcoast is booming. Last week Ducktrap River of Maine announced an expansion plan that would add nearly 50 jobs to the area. Monday Athenahealth celebrated its fifth year in the city by announcing ithas now exceeded 500full-time employees.

Senior Vice President of Operations David Tassoni said, "It's always been in our mind that we needed to move our operations to a place where we could find a well-educated workforce that was eager to do the things that meant most to our mission. Here in Belfast it's everything we have every dreamed of."

Economic Development Director Thomas Kittredge with the city of Belfast said, "This is such a great company to have in Belfast. They've added a lot to the economy. Their workers live here, they spend money here, and they have a great time and have great quality jobs."

The company does not plan on stopping. More expansion plans are underway opening up more job opportunities for local workers. Most employees are hired with little or no knowledge, but receive full training in order to succeed.

Recruiting manager Katie Glessner said, "We can teach the content. If you have the ability to learn a lot of information in a little bit of time, if you're one that asks a lot of questions, and you're just ready to throw yourself into it.Yes, we can teach you the other information."

The company will be opening its doors for a job fair in September to fill the expansion positions.

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