AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- More thantwo dozen bills concerning gun laws have already started drawing massive crowds to Augusta this week.

The bills range from the types of guns that are sold, to the amount of rounds a magazine can hold, to ensuring background checks at every firearms sale.

We know from the Pan Atlantic SMS Omnibus Poll released last week that nearly 90% of Mainers support background checks, and 64% support banning ammunition clips that hold more than 10 bullets. However, LD 997, which restricts ammunition feeding devices, or magazines, saw a lot more oppositionon Mondayin Augusta.

Many people waited in line for an hour just to sign up to testify either for or against some of these gun control bills.

Many stood in support of banning magazines that hold 30 bullets, including Portland police chief, Michael Sauschuck. References were made to the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, saying because the shooter hada large capacity magazine,he didn't need to pause to reload as often.

The idea behind the bill is that every break a shooter takes is another opportunity to escape, or tackle the gunman.

Those opposed say, legislators shouldn't let the emotion of what happened in Newtown affect Second Amendment rights.

While Dr. Michele Phannensteil wasn't part of the Sandy Hook shooting, it hits close to home; she grew up in Newtown, Connecticut. She now lives in Cumberland, but supports many of the bills facing the legislature this week regarding gun control.

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