(NBC NEWS) - Tens of thousands are demonstrating outside the U.S. Capitol to demand immigration reform.

They're asking for a path to citizenship for millions in U.S. without proper papers, and there are indications that Congress will finally go along.

They came to Washington upbeat.

Sergio Martinez dreams of citizenship.

Born in Mexico and brought to the U.S. as a child, educated and ambitious, Sergio and thousands like him are open about their status.

"The stories are the most powerful things we have to change the opposition, to touch the hearts of people who just view us as a statistic," he says.

Now even some in the GOP are pushing reform and a bipartisan plan is in the works for a path to citizenship and a guest worker program.

It could include 200,000 permits by 2020 in farm, factory and construction work.

Opponents call that unfair to U.S. citizens.

"Ten million Americans, no more than a high school degree -- they're looking for jobs in those occupations, can't find one, while seven million illegal workers hold those jobs," says Roy Beck of NumbersUSA.

Senate Democrats say they will kick off their legislative push for immigration reform next week.

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