BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Accused Murderer Roxanne Jeskey appeared before a judge for a competency hearing. Expert witnesses testified Wednesday that she is fit to stand trial. The Bangor woman is charged with murdering her husband RichardJeskey in June of 2011 after torturing him with pliers and a baseball bat.

Jeskey previously plead not guilty by reason of insanity and her lawyers also claim she acted in self defense. Over the past two years, Jeskey has gone through multiple psychological evaluations both in jail and while in Riverview Psychiatric Center.

Both a Forensic psychologist and neuropsychologist testified she is competent to stand trial with the help of an aide.

Neuropsychologist Doctor Robert Riley told the court her claims of significant mental disabilities, hallucinations, and memory loss seem exaggerated. The defense claims Jeskey suffers from significant cognitive disabilities stemming from a 2004 brain tumor operation. But Doctor Robert Riley told the court, Jeskey has the ability to recall personal information, details of her trial, along with personal needs.

To be competent, a defendant must understand the charges filed against them and be able to communicate with their lawyer. Expertsagree Roxanne Jeskey suffers from a mental disability and becomes stressed in certain situations but that will not hinder her from standing trial.

The competency hearing will continue on Friday. If Jeskey is found competent the trial will be set for June. If the judge finds the defendant is not fit to stand trial she will be placed in Riverview Psychiatric Center and re-evaluated again.

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