(NEWS CENTER) - You're about to notice our screens are going to look a bit different.

Well we made those changes in response to you.

You told us you wanted a simple, clean, and clear look... and we responded.

First, we reduced all the clutter. All the information now is organized at the bottom of your screen. The big line is called the information bar and it's designed to give you detailed information about the current story.

Sometimes we'll add an extra detail about that story and you'll see it appear just above the information bar. Right underneath the information bar is the lineup.

The lineuplists the next three stories in the newscast and it will move along throughout the show. It replaces that old rundown that used to be upon the right side of your screen.

The last line is the ticker, and that features news, weather, and other headlines. And color is a key part of the look. Different types of stories get different colors, like those at USA Today, which is also owned by our parent company, Gannett.

News stories are blue. Weather is in Yellow. Sports is dark red. Lifestyle is purple. Tech is orange. Money is green. Breaking news is bright red. Travel and traffic is aqua. Opinion is in gray.

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