HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC) -- There's no question car seats save lives, but some parents may have noticed red, itchy rashes on their children after long rides in the car.

According to MyHealthNewsDaily, dermatologists have dubbed it "car seat dermatitis" and while they're unsure of the exact cause, it can be treated quickly and easily.

Anyone with young children knows about the struggle to get them safely buckled in their car seats.

What can make matters worse is a condition known as car seat dermatitis: Itchy, red rashes that flare up where the child's skin comes in contact with car seat material.

Mom Prakiti Kc said she's noticed.

"A little bit of rash, especially if it's very hot and humid and we travel a lot in the car because we travel from Atlanta to Houston sometimes," said Kc. "So in long trips, it really bothers him and he wants to get out of the car seat."

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