ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Police have tried for years to warn Mainers about the dangers of attending Chickenfest, the annual secret concert usually held on a weekend in April. Today, police held a press conference to remind Chickenfest organizers that illegal events like this one can often end in tragedy.

Last year, the body of24-year-old Dean Levasseur was found at the scene of the Chikckfest concert; his death the result of a self inflicted gunshot wound. Police also say in the days following last year's event, they had numerous reports of sexual assault and property damage. They also found evidence of widespread drug and alcohol use.

Since the location of Chickenfest is kept secret until the last minute, security or medical assistance is not available if something goes wrong, which adds to the danger. Police know they can't stop this event from happening on their own, so they are asking Maine residents to stay alert and report something suspicious, because that report could save a life.

"We're just looking for support from anyone who feels the same way we do, who wants to protect the lives of young people," said Sgt. Ron Dunham of the Maine Warden Service."And that's really why we're here. It's not to ruin anybody's day, it's not to ruin a party. It's that we recognize the significant dangers surrounding this event, and we have an obligation to prevent that from occurring."

Those with any information should call their local police department, or if you would like to send in an anonymous tip to the police, you can so so by texting the word "Penquis" to 274637.

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