LAKE CHARLES, Louisianna (KPLC) -- Early detection of lung cancer is incredibly difficult because most patients do not exhibit obvious symptoms until the disease has progressed. We talk to one lung cancer survivor about what brought him to the emergency room where an early diagnosis potentially saved his life.

Bryan Babineaux is back in the emergency room at CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital saying "thank you" again to the woman he says saved his life.

"I was at work one day and I started choking and my esophagus ring had closed up and it caused a lot of vomiting," he said.

A medical team reopened Babineaux's throat, but it was the nurse practitioner, Donna Levy, that suggested a chest X-ray.

"The chest X-ray came back with a black spot on it, a little smaller than a golf ball," said Babineaux.

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