BUCKSPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- In the past year, RSU 19 went through budget cuts that affected extracurricular activities - including athletics at Nokomis High School. Now, the students at Bucksport High School are trying to get ahead of the game, in order to prevent that from happening to their program, with the help of a local comedian.

Mike Bunker is an Ellsworth native and is helping the team by doing what he does best - make people laugh. He, along with 2 other local comedians, will be hosting a comedy night in Bucksport on Saturday, April 27th. Bunker is even challenging players and coaches to sell at least 400 tickets. If they do, he will don a Golden Bucks cheerleading uniform in front of the entire crowd.

Bucksport High School Athletic Director Ed Hatch knows the economic reality of school budgets. He hopes raising some extra money now will reduce the need for future cuts.

"A lot more burden is being put onto local economy," he says, "So being aware of that, I think that right from the top down, our superintendent has been cognizant of that and is trying to get us to be participants in that - trying to find different ways to fund some of the extras, like sports."

Bunker agrees. He also thinks the fundraiser is an opportunity to teach high school students how to overcome adversity.

"You need to put your all into it. Whatever it takes. You're willing to do it if you believe in it," he says, "You have to have passion and do it and be creative about it and be willing to do what it takes to get the job done."

Doors will open at the Bucksport Middle School Performing Arts Center at 6pm.

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