SANGERVILLE, Maine(NEWS CENTER) -- A wildfire that broke out Friday afternoon in Sangerville was contained before spreading to a nearby home.

The Sangerville Fire Department was called to a home on Burroughs Road around 2 p.m. When firefighters arrived on scene, they found a wildfire spreading quickly and threatening a home nearby.

According to the Maine Forest Service, firefighters were able to quickly knock down the flames and prevent the fire from damaging the home.

Forest rangers said the homeowner, who has been identified as 61-year-old Stanley Schies, was burning tires and other debris outside his camp when he lost control of his fire.

Investigators determined that Schies was burning prohibited materials, and had not obtained an open burning permit for the fire. Schies was issued a summons for failing to acquire the permit, and a warning for burning the prohibited materials.

The Maine Forest Service said rangers and firefighters responded to several wildfires across Maine on Friday. Officials are urging the public to be careful with any outdoor fires as the state is entering a period of warmer and drier weather.

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