(KUSA) The Aurora Fire Department defended its response to the theater shooting on Wednesday breaking months of silence dictated in large part to an ongoing gag order in the criminal case.

The department's Preliminary Incident Analysis documents the second-by-second arrival of fire trucks and ambulances the night Aurora Police say a man entered the Century 16 Theater and opened fire inside theater #9.

"Our first engine - Paramedic Engine #8 - arrived on scene five and a half minutes after the initial dispatch," said EMS Bureau Manager Kevin Waters. "As soon as we arrived at the perimeter of the property we began to encounter critically ill patients."

The report details a frantic situation that the department maintains kept ambulances away from the largest concentrations of critically wounded patients during the initial response. The net result was an improvised evacuation of injured movie goers inside police cruisers that officers had managed to park close to the theater.

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