(NBC NEWS) -- Chances are smartphones are among the gift possibilities for some moms this Mother's Day.

Keeping those devices charged all day can sometimes be a challenge, but there are gift options
to take care of that.

Among the increasing number of options for charging on the go is Powerocks Magicsticks.

They're a portable rechargable battery pack, costing around $30.

The Magicsticks come in multiple colors and one variation offers an led light that tells you
How well charged the stick is.

Instead of carrying a charger in a purse, the "Everpurse" actually serves as a smartphone
charger itself.

Various styles are available, ranging from $189 to $319.

The Everpurse works with iPhone 4, 4s and 5, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Offering a bit more flexibility, not to mention size, is Urban Junket's Charging Tote.

It costs around $230.

Even though the purse can hold a laptop or tablet, it can't charge those.

But it can charge up e-readers or portable gaming devices to keep moms on the go properly powered.

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