BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Brunswick was the place for train enthusiaststhis weekendas it hosted National Train Day.

Amtrak held the event at the newly-constructed train platform in the middle of town.

A number of people were there to take in the sights and enjoy the culture.

For kids, it was a chance to learn all about trains; for Amtrak, it's a chance to get the public more involved and interested in alternatives to mainstream transportation.

In fact, Amtrak says nationwide over 200 of these events are being held in smaller communities.

Amtrak says the rapid expansion of ridership in Maine is exciting and hopes it means an expansion of future train stops throughout the state.

Ridership on the Downeaster is ahead of last year despite a series of service disruptions.

Patricia Quinn of the Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority says this weekend marks the last bridge work preventing trains from reaching Boston until after Labor Day.

Reconstruction of historic arch bridges over the Shawsheen River in Andover, Massachusetts and the Boston Marathon bombings interrupted service.

Despite that, Quinn says ridership to date for the fiscal year that ends June 30 is up more than 5 percent and revenue is up 10 percent.

She says she's "looking forward to a great summer season."

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