MONMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The superintendent and principalheld a meeting Monday night addressing concerns from parents about bullying.

A group of parents claim their children, some as young as five and six years old, have been victims of bullying. They say the school is not doing enough to address the problem. Scott Webb says his six year-old daughter was persistently targeted by one particular student, who harrassed her.

"Our children are expected to trust the people at school," Webb said."And to have them alert these teachers and principals and have done nothing, I mean, you can only do that so many times until the kids lose faith."

School officials held a public meeting for parents to voice their concerns. They also wanted to explain their methods for dealing with bullying and inappropriate behavior in young children. Principal Deborah Emery denies that parents' concerns are being swept under the rug. But she recognizes that some parents don't feel the school's current approach to bullying is solving the problem. She says she will work harder to gain their trust.

"In some cases, they may not understand all that we're doing here, and understand the tools we're using," Emery said. "So we're going to have this meeting and many, many more after this."

Emery says she plans to hold meetings to discuss behavioral issues with parents every month.

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