HOLDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Memorial Day Weekend marks the one year anniversary of a fatal boating accident in Bowdoinham, an accident that Maine Game Warden Shannon Fish says will remind all boaters in the future about the importance of safety.

"Anytime theres an accident you want to know what caused that. You want to know what kind of factors contributed to that incident and you want toput that into your daily routine, so the next time around they don't become the reason why you end up in a poor situation," said Fish.

Before heading out onto the waters, there's no such thing as too much advance preparation.

"First off make a plan, plan where you are going to go andleave someone with some information as to where you're headed to. Thenstick to the plan," said Fish.

And make sure your boat is equipped with all of the necessities.A fire extinguisher, sound makers and most importantly...

"Typically I run into people who forget their life preserves that's probably the biggest thing. Life preserves have to be fitted for the individual, you don't want to put something this big on a 3-year-old. And you don't want to put something fit for a 3-year-old on a 10-year-old. It doesn't work like that," advised Fish.

Another issue is the consumption of alcohol while on or operating a boat. It's illegal on a boat just as it is in a car, and it's something warden's will be out looking for.

"Don't be surprised if we roll up to you at night and want to check your boat out, look things over," warned Fish, "we're doing that for safety purposes we want to see that folks are following the rules at anytime of the day or night for that matter."

Fish says the best tool a boater can use, is common sense.

"Use common sense and educate yourself in boating activity. And educate yourself in the body of water you're going to be at. Some places are busier than others, some places have more obstacles than others," said Fish.

And keep your eyes on the water and surrounding boats to ensure an accident-free Memorial Day Weekend.

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