PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Lobstering is a big part of Maine's character. Now people can go along with properly licensed lobstermen on fifteen charters operating all along the Downeast Coast.

"When the state started talking about limiting the number of traps, we thought we ought to try something different," saidCaptain Tom Martin, a life-long lobsterman from Cape Elizabeth who operates the Lucky Catch out of Portland.

"Every year, business picked up and now we just run the charters in the summer,"said the handsome young lobster captain.

The Lucky Catch makes six runs a day. The crew is articulate and knowledgeable about conservation issues and the history of Casco Bay.

The Lucky Catch stays in the bay making the trip an easy cruise. Guests who so chose are issued rubber coveralls and gloves.They help by pulling traps and banding the lobsters' claws.

As the hour and a half cruise goes on, the uneasiness usually subsides.Guests may purchase the lobsters at boat prices, take them to a local restaurant or have them shipped to their homes.

It's a new cottage industry along the coast of Maine that is growing in popularity. It also provides a service to the lobster industry by educating the public about what goes on on a Maine lobster boat.

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