BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A recently released affidavit sheds light on the details of last month's fatal stabbing in Bangor. Akeem Harris of New York faces a murder charge for stabbing to death Thomas Taylor outside his Ohio Street apartment.

Akeem Harris claims he never meant to kill 30-year old Thomas Taylor and has plead not guilty to the murder charge.

In the recently released document it details the feud Taylor had with his neighbor who was a friend of Harris.

According to police, the neighbor told Harris she was threatened by Taylor and wanted the defendant to go with her to her apartment. It was here when Harris tells police Taylor came at him with a knife during the brawl Taylor dropped the knife and Harris was able to take the blade and stab Taylor.

In the court document police state Harris,"said it was not his intention to hurt the man and did not know the situation was going to occur."

But one witness tells a different story. She told police Harris confronted Taylor. According to the witness, Taylor grabbed a child's scooter to swing at Harris.

The witness stated, "...the male pulled out a knife and grabbed Taylor by the arm and she said it appeared to her that he turned Taylor around."

She claimed Harris stabbed Taylor under the left arm.

"She said it appeared to her that the black man continued to stab Taylor and she said it happened too many times for her to count," according to the court document.

The witness claimed Harris continued to punch and kick Taylor once he was on the ground--before leaving the scene. The defendant painted a much different picture to police. Harris said he "had initially hoped that Taylor would see that Akeem was bigger and he would not fight with him."

According to the affidavit, another witness who was in the car with Harris that night told police Harris did stab Taylor once he was on the ground.

Akeem Harris is being held without bail.

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