BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan (WDIV) -- When you need something, fathers are more than willing to go the extra mile.

That's what this Bloomfield Hills, Michigan father did for his son.

Peter Andoni is a father whose son Alex was diagnosed at the age of 7 with type 1 diabetes.

"We had to make our household completely diabetic friendly," said Andoni.

He uses an insulin blood and tests at least 8 times a day.

"He is athletic. Every time he would come off the field and the ice, moms would hand out bug juice, Capri Sun, Hi-S, Hawaiian Punch and he would ask if it's okay to consume the products. And every time, we gave him the same answer, Andoni said.

In order to find an alternative, they were stumped.

They own and operate the local shields family pizza, so he is no stranger to finding and ordering the latest drink products.

"It's hard enough at that age to have diabetes or any other disease and feel like a normal kid, Andoni said.

It's a healthy Gatorade that tastes good and has no sugar.

"We've taken out the harmful products," said Andoni.

Because it's for his son, it had to be perfect, a complete shrink wrap to protect the water inside.

Exposure to U.V. rays and sunlight can diminish the vitamins.

It doesn't have to be just for kids or diabetics.

The project which started out as a father's love for his son may be the next big thing in flavored water in this country, and that would be just fine with the family, who is donating a portion of the profits to help research diabetes.

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