GREAT BEND, Kansas (KSNW) --The Great Bend Humane Society removed 50 dogs and puppies from a home in Great Bend. Now, the owner could be facing charges.

The Golden Belt Humane Society received a call from PETA earlier this week after someone had filed a complaint with the organization saying a home in the 1000 block of Elm Street was housing 15 dogs, but upon investigation, that number changed to 50.

The dogs were removed.

Neighbors say they knew that the owner had several dogs but didn't know she was living with 50.

Now the majority of these dogs are a cross between a dachshund and basset, aging anywhere between 2 to 3 months and 2 to 3-years-old.

The director of the Humane Society is not sure on the condition inside of the home but says the majority of the dogs are in good health.

The focus now is to find these dogs a new home.

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