FREEPORT, Maine (NECN) -- Maine's clam industry is in trouble,
and now a scientist is hoping to come up with some answers and solutions.

Brian Beal, a marine ecologist from the University of Maine was out on the clam flats in Freeport Thursday with student clammers. They are beginning a comprehensive survey
to see how many clams are there and how many have been lost
to the predatory green crab.

Green crabs have long been a threat to clams, but scientists believe warmer water temperatures have lead to a spike in numbers.

"I see a lot more flats where green crab activity is occuring, this is the center of green crab activity," said Beal.

Green crabs eat smaller clams that wouldbe ready to harvest in a year or two. In addition to the clam survey, Beal also
plans to conduct experiments to figure out how to reduce the
green crab population.

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