MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Many people headed to Millinocketon Saturdayto do some shopping for the holiday weekend at a store known for giving back to the community.

The 'St. Martins Thrift Store' attracts people from around the Kathadin Region during the week. Staff there say customers even come from as far away as Canada to do some shopping.

The thrift store gets all of its inventory from community donationswhich includesclothes, kitchenware and furniture that can be sold for a lower price. The other benefit is that the store givesevery dollar it raises from sales back to the community. Most of it goes towards a fuel assistance fund to help people heat their homes during the winter. Last year alone the thrift store raised $32,000 to help with that cause.

"And there's also money used to buy food for the food pantry that comes from here," said Gayle Stevens, who is the coordinator for the store, "Those two things are a big chunk for this community or any community."

Members of St. Martin of Tours parish in Millinocket opened the thrift store years ago. There are about 25 volunteers working each week to keep it running today.

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