BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- KahBang music festival is less than 30 days away and final preparations are starting to finish up. In the past, the music festival has drawn close to10,000 people to the Bangor Waterfront, but this year their expecting much more as they take a new approach.

"What's new at KahBang this year is that we have decided to open our festival grounds to the general public so we're going mostly free," said Public Relations Director Sarah Eremita.

There will still be ticketed events such as the main stage, campsite and Brew Fest. But for the first time ever, the community can enjoy the festivities for free in KahBangs new open-model that features six stages, all their own.

"We're hoping to pull in people who normally wouldn't have come but are attracted to the fact we are open festival grounds and you can walk around and enjoy all the art, all the free film all the craft and food vendors and some of the free stages," said Eremita.

Which there will befour of. Earl Sweatshirt and Dr. Dog will be headlining the music festival, but the other 63 performers are known mostly by the New England region, as KahBang looks to go back to their roots of being a discover festival.

"This really gets the word out of their band and gets people into their music that might never have heard it other wise so they really appreciate that and we love having them here and sharing their awesome music with the state ofMaine," said Eremita.

The all-volunteer organization says it is still short of the roughly 200 volunteers needed to put on the event and is still looking for more help.

"Wehave everything for volunteers to do from working in the press tent to working at the Brew Fest to working out of the campsite to just running the information booth to just walking around and making sure everyones having a good time," she added.

This will be KahBang's fifth music festival. Festivities begin Thursday, August 8th with a kick-off concert in West Market Square.