NORTH ANSON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- While most high schoolers are enjoying their summer vacations by water or just relaxing at home, one group of kids from First Presbyterian Church in Winchester, Virginia traveled 15 hours to Maine to help disabled veterans with a few home improvements.

They're just getting started, but soon there will be a new deck and handicap accessible ramp for the Thompson family.

"Never built a deck before but we built a ramp," said youth group member Allie Hoffman.

About 25 kids and 10 adults from northern Virginia teamed up with Maine-based Mission at the Eastward for a mission trip in North Anson.

"We'rejust trying to help people stay in their homes here in Maine and people that can't help themselves," said M.A.T.E. delivery person Kevin White.

"For me to do the job i'd have to get up early in the morning and I can only work about an hour or two and i'm out of wind and everything and I cant be in the sun too long because of my medication," said Thompson.

Thanks to this group of high-schoolers, he didn't have to. From the shady comfort of his lawn tent, Robert Thompson watched something come together that he called a blessing.

"I'ma disabled veteran to have people do this for me means so much in my heart because a lot of people don't care about veterans and half of this group has already thanked me for serving and it really touched me. I kind of got a little teary eyed," said Thompson.

"It'san honor to be able to come and help people we're grateful that they had work for us to come do and it's really neat to be able to teach the kids new skills and learn how to be self sufficient and get a sense of accomplishment," said First Presbyterian Church Youth Group Coordinator Emily Kelley.

"Maybe young people from Maine can go help people in Virginia! Go back and forth," said Thompson.

And keep the good deeds going. The youth group plans to complete home improvements on a total of six houses over the course of one week, before heading south back to Virginia.

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