(NBC News) -- Once you add a teenage driver to your auto insurance policy, get ready to also add a bundle to your premium.

"There are actually ten states that we found where adding a teen driver is going to more than double the cost of your auto insurance premium," says Laura Adams of

Nationwide, auto insurance premiums increase on average 84-percent when a teenager is added to the policy.

In Arkansas the increase is 116-percent.

That's because most of Arkansas is rural and wide open.

"We know that in rural accidents, they tend to be more devastating. There are more deaths associated with accidents in rural areas," Adams explains. found it's still more expensive to insure a male versus female teenage driver, that premiums go down as the teenager gets older and that as long as auto accidents remain the number one killer of teenagers, there's nothing you can do except ask for discounts.

Many companies offer discounts for good students or drivers who have completed training programs.

Experts say you should shop your policy at least once a year, especially if the teenager has a clean driving record, and let your teenager drive an older, larger car because their size makes them safer and they cost less to repair.

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