LIMESTONE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -AFlorida man who held the world speed record for a conventional motorcycle was killed during time trials at the Loring Air Force Base in Limestone Sunday morning.

44-year-old Bill Warner was no stranger to the track in Limestone. He set a world record there in 2011 for reaching a speed of 311 mph within1 1/2miles. On Saturday he set a new record for the 1-mile race, reaching a speed of 296 mph. During Sunday's trials, Warner wanted to top his own personal best with the hopes of reaching 300 mph within 1-mile.

According to the Limestone Police Department, Warner was traveling at about 285 mph when helost control of hismodified turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa. Aboutone hour later he was pronounced dead at Cary Medical Center inCaribou.

Event Director of the Loring Timing Association, Mark Sotomar, was in charge of Sunday's time trials. He had worked with Warner before and described him as an approachable racer who was nice to everyone he met.

"He posed for pictures with anybody. He'd go out of his way to talkto people," said Sotomar. "He was just a down to earth unimposing guy."

The Limestone Police Department is currently investigating the motorcyclecrash with the help of other agencies to try to determine a cause.

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