AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A construction project to replace Littlefields Bridge over the Little Androscoggin River in Auburn will close the Hotel Road for about 45 days, starting Monday.

The $2.1 million project will create a wider bridge, made out of advanced technology materials, according to Maine DOT Project Manager Nate Benoit.

Instead of using steel bars, independent contractor Wyman & Simpson will be using rebar that is made out of a fiber and glass composite material, called GFRP.

The GFRP does not corrode or rust like steel, creating a "maintenance free" bridge, according to Benoit.

Typically, bridges have a 75 year old life span, but the deck needs to be repaired after 50 years.

"We're optimistic here in this case that our new bridge will last 75, maybe even up to 100 years, by putting some advanced materials within the bridge," said Benoit.

This will be the first Maine bridge made out of the new GFRP material. Benoit said he is hopefull that continued use of the composite will cut down on maintenance projects across the board.

"We really want to get in and get out, and have a maintenance free structure," he said.

The new bridge should be open for motorists by the middle of September.

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