NORRIDGEWOCK, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and part of Maine's congressional delegation got a tour of the New Balance factory in Norridgewock Monday.

The tour was set up to make sure Washington officials could see first hand how the talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership or T.T.P. could impact Mainers. Senator Angus King explained the TTP as opening asian markets to our products but also being careful how we open up our markets to their products. New Balance has around 900 employees in its 3 factory's in Maine. They also have 2 facilities in Massachusetts.

Diane Lufkin has been working here for 27 years and hopes the meeting can help. Lufkin said, "We feel like a little drop in the bucket in this country and it means another opportunity for them to hear us. I have been writing letter to the Senators since 1985 when it first started and we like them to see our faces and like them to feel like they understand that this agreement can mean we are out of a job. "

The T.T.P talks resume in late August in Brunei.

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