CHARLESTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --A 16-year old is hospitalized and an investigation is underway, after a physical altercation at the Mountain View Correction Facility in Charleston.

Last sunday, 16-year-old Dylan Ewer was sent to Eastern Maine Medical Center for a broken jaw... from an initiation act that he referred to as a 'beat down."

"I don't want to sit here and blame any one of the guards up there. Ithink it's a system," said Roxanne Ewer.

She saysher grandson Dylan has been involved in three physical altercations with other inmates at Mountain View Correctional Facility... but they weren't voluntary.

"Dylan is saying to us that if he does not do this then they're going to drag him in if they want him to go and they'll make it harder on him," said Ewer.

His grandparents described it as a fight club.

"Hetold me another one had happened a day before that and he had one heck of a bloody nose out of it and he pointed to a kid behind him stating that they want him to fight this kid next time," Ewer said.

Cornel Plebani, Assistant Professor of Husson University's School of Legal Studies,has professional experience working as a mental health clinician on Rikers Island, and says this is not the first case of its kind.

"Therecertainly is a sense that new inmates can sometimes be subjected to initiation protocols and that is not remarkably dissimilar from what happens in many gangs," he said.

We asked Mountain View how many fights had been reported in the past year, how many assault charges had been filed, and if they were aware of a 'fight club' in the facility, to all of which they said "no comment."

"Ican tell you that these violence in correctional facilities is regretably common at times," said Plebani.

So how should the general public react to these allegations? Should there be sorrow for those injured?

"If you've never been inside a jail or a prison or any other form of correctional institution it may be very difficult to form an opinion. Don't get me wrong if an assualt occured those who perpetrated it should be held accountable but sometimes its a rush to judgement because it really is truly a different world that subculture is a very different place at times," said Plebani.

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