ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - There was a little Hollywood and a lot of Maine on the big screen in Rockland Sunday, as about 300 people gathered for the premiere of a feature-length movie called "Anatomy of the Tide". There are lots of independent movies being made nowadays. But This one may be unique ...because it was created and paid for by Maine fishermen.

It's a story about lobstering, and community, about teenage boys coming of age, and people coping with dark secrets. A story director and writer Joel Strunk has been working on for more than 13 years. And has finally come to life on screen

Strunk screened Anatomy of the Tide for an invited audience ... local people who helped with the film and the actors who are in it. Including Nathan Keyes.

They filmed much of the movie two years ago around Knox County. Most of the actors were from away but most of the crew was from Maine. Strunk then spent the past year in New York and Los Angeles.. working with editors, sound and special effect to get the finished product. And all along the way, he had to keep raising money.

And because Joel Strunk has worked as a fisherman, he turned to fishermen to help finance his movie. and they did. We're told dozens of local lobstermen and one of the area's biggest lobster dealers, all put up some of the cash to make anatomy of the tide.

Now the challenge is to get the rest of the country to see it. They're starting with film festivals... hoping Anatomy of the Tide will catch the eye of some big move company , to make it to the screen.

That's how the investors make their money back, how the actors build their own careers, and how Joel Strunk hopes to build support for new projects.

But for now he's got work to do. Hoping the rest of the film world will want to flow with the tide. In Rockland Don Carrigan News center.

Joel Strunk says he has already entered a film Festival in Austin, Texas and is working on others.

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