BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A public park where thieves had stolen apple trees -- has received generous donations after the story aired last week.

Bath's South End Park had11 apple tree saplings stolen within days of the trees being planted last month. Bath Police are still investigating.

According to city arborist, Tom Hoerth, Bath Sunrise Rotary Club called him the morning after the story aired -- saying they would cut a check for the cost of the trees.

"When we heard about it we felt like this is something we really wanted to see a happy ending on," says Erika Benson, President of the Bath Sunrise Rotary Club.

The same day, O'Donal's Nursery and Davey Tree donated new saplings to the park.

Hoerth and members of the club broke ground and replantedthe trees on Wednesday.

"I was very touched by the camaraderie, the collegiality, and the community response was really... it made me feel good to live where you live, and the people you live with and work for."

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