EMBDEN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A 16-year-old girl who almost lost her life to diabetic shock last February, received a service alert dog Wednesday morning to prevent another scare in the future.

Lisa Stevens and her daughter Malichi were both diagnosed with diabetes at young ages. It wasn't until Lisa was unable to wake her daughter up from a diabetic shock last year that she decided they needed help.

"Veryscary," said Stevens."You just don't know what to do and she was at a point where she could answer me, but she just wasn't with it."

To find an answer, Lisacontacted Service Dog's By Warren Retrievers who train service dogs that can sense irregular levels in a person's blood sugar. Coco, a four-month-old Chocolate Lab arrived at the Steven's house Wednesday. When she senses high blood sugar she'll paw, but if she senses low levels she gives a nose nudge. Putting one worried mother at ease.

"It's like another set of eyes, another set of ears. Actually a nose that's going to alert us if there's a problem and her alerting will come long before the meter will tell us," said Stevens.

Coco still has some training to do before she's completely finished. The Stevens will receive 7 visits over the next two years from the dog's trainer to finish that process

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