CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - As the anticipation grows for the 16th annual Beach to Beacon 10k on Saturday, so does the attention to eventsecurity in lieu of the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon back in April.

Theattack thatkilled three people and injuredmore than two hundredsent tremors throughout the country,especiallly in Maine as many natives and residents of the Pine Tree State attend the marathon annually to run, work, or watch the event.

The ties extend further to the race as theorganizers that run the Boston Marathon also handle the Beach to Beacon: Dave McGivallry Sports Enterprises.

In 2012, 6,118 runners completed the 6.2 mile run along the coastline in Cape Elizabeth withthousands more in attendance as eitherworkers, volunteers, or specatators.

Cape native Joan Benoit Samuelson was one of those people in Boston on that fateful April 15. The two-time Boston Marathon winner (1979 & '83) andfounder oftheBeach to Beacon,is confident thatlocal authoritieswill address every possiblesafeguard.

"We have complete faith in our team and in the Cape Elizabeth Police Department. They've been amazing as far as offering us support where we may need some additional and our sport is strong," Samuelson said.

Along with the increased presence of the CEPD, Scarborough will add 25 volunteers to go with several that are paid to patrol the event.

Backpacks will also not be allowed at the event.

With local law enforcement galvanized by the circumstances, Samuelson also feels that the running community will also rally around each other.

"Our sport is resilient. Our sport is about celebration. We will never forget what happened in Boston, but we'll run forward with the same hope with the same hope and aspirations that we've always run with."

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