BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Noise issues are not the only complaints coming from the waterfront concert area. Recently, the focus has moved to the bad smell.

Some concert goers have complained of a strong, foul smell coming from the grounds during show time. Organizers say the smell was a natural reaction when organic material in the loam was soaked by heavy rains in June and July.

Crews are now working to fix the problem by removing the old soil and adding drainage pipes to allow water to run off easier.

Concert producers say the smell hasn't had a major impact on ticket sales, but they want to correct the problem before it does.

"We just want to assure them[concert goers]that it will be done, it'll be addressed," said Robbie Snow, Production Manager for the Waterfront Concert. "We're only on show 11, so we're trying to move forward and make it a positive experience for both the band and the concert goer."

Organizers say the grounds should be redone in time for the Miranda Lambert concert on Friday.

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