LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Mayor of Lewiston says a corporate greed could hurt medical care for people in Central Maine.

Mayor Bob Macdonald is urging people to speak out against a new proposal by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, which creates a new "narrow network."

"This is just unbeliveable, what these people are doing," said Macdonald. "The people in this area are the ones who are going to suffer the most.'

The narrow network does includephysicians from Central Maine Medical Center and its affiliates.

In total, six hospitals would be affected: CMMC, Bridgeton Hospital, Mercy Hospital, Parkview Adventist Medical Center, Rumford Hospital, and York Hospital.

The change in insurance would affect new Anthem customers, indivduals, and groups with fewer than 50 people.

According to Anthem spokesperson Chris Dugan, the changes would not impact emergency care, senior citizens, or people who purchased insurance before March 2010.

Dugan said the plan is designed to give patients choice while saving money. He said it cuts rates by 12 percent.

CMMC spokesperson Chuck Gill said it's a bad deal that will disrupt doctor/patient relationships and force people to travel further for medical care.

"To what end? What's the end point in all of this?" said Gill.

"It's corporate greed on the part of the Anthem and it's Maine Health's insatiable desire for more market share, and I guess patient care be damned."

Gill and Macdonald urged public input at the Anthem insurance hearing scheduled for August 29 at 5 p.m. at Central Maine Community College's Kirk Hall.

The Secretary of Insurance will be holding the public hearing before deciding on the Anthem proposal.

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