HARMONY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- In recent months state officials are pressing forward with efforts to provide better protection to victims of domestic violence in Maine. This comes as more and more domestic violence attacks are occurring across the state each year.

Last year alonethere were more then 5,500 cases of domestic violence reported in Maine. state officials say that overall number has continued to trend upward from 2010 to 2012.

Last June Gov. Paul LePage signed a bill focused on launching a pilot program. Lawmakers say the program would focus on using ankle monitoring devices to see if they would be effective to track suspects in domestic violence cases. Officials with the governor's office say that the are hoping to get a proposal for the plan by early 2014.

The state of Maine has used ankle monitoring devices to track convicts in the past. The department of corrections stoppedvast use of the devices in 2005. Officials there say problems arose tracking offenders as well as coordinating police response when an ankle monitor was set off.

Those touched by one well known domestic violence case in Maine say they want the state usingmonitoring devices to prevent attacks. Two years ago Ralph and Linda Bagley lost their daughter Amy and two grandchildren Monica and Coty. Amy's estranged husband Stephen Lake went to her Dexter home on a June morningand killed all three of them before turning the gun on himself.

Lake had been arrested before for threatening his family with a gun. He was free on bail before the attack. The Bagleys feel if he had been forced to wear an ankle monitor, their loved ones might still be alive.

"There's no doubt in my mind that if he {Stephen Lake}had an ankle monitor on him so that she {Amy}would have known that he was going to be in the area...that's the only thing that would have saved their lives," said Ralph Bagley.

"Now that we {the state}have the technology..I think that they should start using it to help people that are in situations like our daughter and grandchildren," Linda Bagley said.

Friends of Amy Bagley and her kids raised $18,000 in their memories last year. That moneywill go to support the pilot program for ankle monitoring devicesif it islaunched.

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