WATERBORO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Two years into remission from non-hodgkins lymphoma, a12-year old boy from Maryland got his wish to meet the brothers from Howe and Howe Technology.

Florian has been in and out of hospitals since his diagnosis at age 9, and it was there that he caught his first episode of Black Ops Brothers,starring Geoff and Mike.

Florian wants to be an engineer when he grows up and has a book of drawings and designs. The Howe brothers gave him a tour of their facility where they design all terrain vehicles for the military, firefighters, even people in wheelchairs.

The brotherseven worked with Florian toturn a helicopter he drew into an actual design.

The Howes say they're humbled Florian chose to visit them, and they're happy to share their passion with anyone interested.

"If you could imagine, he's got a wish; one wish to do anything, Red Sox, Patriots, he's fromDC so maybe the Red Skins, whatever, but he chose to come here,"Geoff said, "As humbling as it sounds, it's the most... it affects me in a great way. It's good. It's good."

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