ST. JOSEPH, Missouri (NEWS CENTER) - Of the six former UMaine Black Bears currently on NFL rosters, five of them signed with new teams this past offseason. The biggestdealwas garnered byHampden resident and '07 alum Mike DeVito:athree-year, $12.6 million deal with the Kansas City Chiefs.

While he might be with a different team, DeVito is expected to be a veteran leader since Kansas City is inherting the defensive lineman's scheme from the past four years.

JoiningDeVito from the New York Jets is Chiefs defensive coordinatorBob Sutton, who was a Jets assisant for the previous 13 seasons.

With that familiarity DeVito will bear the burden of helping get others up to speed.

DeVito said, "It's nice to know this defense, to be in this defense for four years. So I really want to try and help these guys learn it as fast as we can. And again, I've said it the whole time. I'm so encouraged by how fast they're picking it up, because I remember when we got it in New York, how difficult it was, but guys here are picking it up fast throughout you know, the whole defense: the secondary, linebackers. So that's encouraging."

The Chiefs will host San Francisco in their second preseason game on Friday.

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